Privacy Policy


Zebelle operates a platform and community that helps to connect the academic people in the world to allow them to be more productive and successful. Our registered users (hereinafter referred to as “Members”) create profile, and search for educational institutes, students, graduate research supervisor, graduate research vacancy, research students, fellow researchers, and interns. Unregistered viewers (hereinafter referred to as “Visitors”) can also see some of the content of

1. The Information That We Collect

  • When you sign up, create your profile page, submit your publication or provide us with any other information actively, you will know what information we are collecting because you are actively submitting it. The information that we collect about you is dependent on the services you use and the specific information that you provide to us during the sign-up process and while you are engaged, as a user, in the services.

    a- Sign Up, When you sign up for Zebelle, you must provide your name, email address, and a password.

    b- Profile Information, If you decide to build your profile on Zebelle, you must provide other information such as, academic status, place of residency, educational background, professional background, research interests, and your references’ information. You can also provide your publications, your academic or professional skills, and the educational institutes that you might follow.

    c- Connections Information, We collect information about the people in your network. We also collect contact information you provide for your references or people you want to invite to join

    d- Payment Information, When you purchase our premium membership, you will provide us with your payment information such as credit card or debit card information. Also you will provide us with authentication and billing information.

    e- Other, We may also collect your IP address and the URL that referred you to the Zebelle Services. Also we collect your feedback about and its services. The personal information that you provide to us may reveal or allow others to identify aspects of your life that are not expressly stated on your profile (for example, your picture or your name may reveal your gender).

2. Why and How Zebelle Collects Your Information

  • a- Personal information is collected by Zebelle so that we can enhance the level of service that we can provide to you and also so that we can allow for you to partake of the service that we offer through

    b- Your name, your academic title, and your place of residency are available to all users. The rest of your profile information is available to your connections with the exception of your academic and language grade/score and the feedback that your references are providing for you. You can customize level of access to your information in your account setting page. Any financial and payment information that you provide will not be disclosed to anyone other than you (on your account settings page) and will be kept secure and maintained in confidentiality.

    c- Your academic and language grade/score are only visible to educational institutes, professors, and recruiters. Zebelle is committed to perform all due diligences to verify the identity of educational institutes’ representatives, professors, and recruiters, but accepts no responsibility if other people sign up under these titles. You can customize your visible information in your account setting page.

    d- Public search engines may display your name, your academic title, and your place of residence when someone searches for your name. You can opt out of this feature in your account settings page. We are not responsible, and bear no liability, for any display or usage by a public or private search engine.

    e- When you apply for a graduate vacancy or undergraduate course, your academic and language grade/score and the feedback that your references are providing for you will become available to the relevant professor or educational institute.

3. How Zebelle uses your information

  • a- To provide you with personalized content and services and help you using our services to the full capacity.

    b- To customize and improve the features, performance, and support of the site.

    c- To provide suggestions to you and match available graduate positions and educational institutions with your profile or match students with your criteria.

    d- To allow other users to find you.

    e- For internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, and service improvement.

    f- So that you can search for Members, graduate opportunities, and information about educational institutes or companies.

    g- To create aggregate and statistical data that does not identify you individually and that we can commercialize.

    h- All collection of personal information will only be for reasonable purposes in the context of your using the site, and the services contained therein, and in our continuing to provide enhanced services and option to you.

4. Cookie Policy

  • a- A cookie is a small file placed onto your device that enables features and functionality.

    b- We use Cookies to identify your device, to secure your access to, and to know if someone attempts to access your account from a different device.

    c- Besides helping to keep unauthorized people from logging into your account, we also use cookies to help making sure the people or machines that access our Services don’t violate our policies.

5. Protection Of Personal Information

  • a- Zebelle agrees to protect your personal information, hold it strictly in confidence, and only disclose it in circumstances that are required by law or with your express written consent.

    b- Zebelle also acknowledges and agrees that it will use reasonable and appropriate online security measures and safeguards to protect your personal information.

    c- By creating a user account and signing up for our services (in any form) you are expressly agreeing to these privacy terms.

How to contact us with privacy questions and concerns:

In case you have questions or concerns about Zebelle privacy policy, please contact us:
Phone # +1 403 828 4216
Mailing address: PO Box 96057 West Springs, Calgary AB Canada, T3H0L3.