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Our Mission

To provide a simple, yet elegant platform that efficiently connects academics around the world, helping them quickly find and apply for academic vacancies.


We envision a barrier-free, global network where academics meet, exchange information and make the most of new opportunities. Using the power of technology, Zebelle is committed to transforming the search for academic vacancies into a well-organized, effective process.

What Is Zebelle?

Zebelle is a one-stop, online platform providing a gateway to the global academic community. It is a reliable tool used to find qualified students, professors, academic advisors, post-graduate vacancies, researchers and associates.

How does Zebelle work?

Students create profiles with their qualifications and preferences, and search for vacancies.
Professors post vacancies and receive applications from the most suitable candidates.
Researchers create profiles to highlight their research and find collaborators.
Members perform detailed searches to find exactly who they want.
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Who Uses Zebelle?

Our Story

In 2015, a group of post-graduate students shared their frustration with the cumbersome task of finding academic appointments. The process of visiting university websites one at a time, comparing programs and professors, plus applying for opportunities was a time-consuming and overwhelming chore.

Recognizing the need for a single platform where academics could connect, exchange information and facilitate global collaboration, Zebelle was created. It was based on a simple concept: That the world needs a system to shrink the complexities of the academic world.

Zebelle’s growth was explosive. By the spring of 2016, it reached 500 daily visits from over a hundred countries around the world, and continues to grow rapidly today.

Zebelle Ltd is registered in PO Box 96057 West Springs, Calgary AB Canada, T3H0L3.

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